In response to Phil Brandel of The Express, 30/09/2020

Phil Brandel, the journalist presently working for The Express, enjoys the privilege of a weekly opinion editorial. There have been times I have written Letters to the Editor in response to Phil, but they’ve not been printed.

But now I have a blog, so if Phil wants to know where he’s wrong he can find out here.

Here’s Phil’s column from September 30 – don’t worry if it isn’t readable on your device, I’ll expand it below.

Let’s go through it one paragraph at a time.

Actually, Phil, they weren’t the worst recorded bushfires, and it was the loud, intolerant and vociferous global warming frightbats amongst the media and acadumbic communities who were talking about global warming, etc.
The rest of us were saying. “Well, you should’ve learned from the mistakes of the past and made sure you reduced the fuel loads in the forests through logging, grazing, firewood collection, camping, hazard-reduction burning and the construction of fire trails.”

The aboriginal people learned thousands of years ago that if they did not manage the forest fuel loads there would be very hot fires that would wipe out the entire eco-system for several years – which included their food sources.

So-called “fire-stick farming” was about more than just an instant barbeque and a way to see the snakes coming – it was about survival in a harsh, dry landscape.

Dr Roy Spencer has a good analysis of this year’s bushfires here.

Anyway, back to Phil’s op-ed.

Yeah, nah, Phil; the windmill investors (looking at you Alex Turnbull, son of Malcolm) were never going to let their global warming narrative die out just because the global-socialists glommed onto a faster-working scare-story in the form of this year’s nasty Chinese flu.

Also, those businesses and livelihoods weren’t destroyed by covid – they were destroyed by the political overreaction to covid.

And what a state election has to do with left-wing climate change wrongology baffles me – both major branches of the UNiparty believe that “keeping the populace alarmed and hence clamorous to be led to safety” using climate change and covid are essential to keep their grip on power.

Phil, I doubt the families of those killed are blaming climate change for the deaths of their loved ones. It’s more likely that they, and those who suffered injuries, know full well that green tape, red tape, and bureaucratic incompetence were the direct cause of their problems.

I’m surprised that they haven’t yet mounted a class action against those who received very high salaries for managing the forest fuel loads but who obviously and dismally failed to effectively discharge their obligations to do so.

Yes, some people do say covid is a bigger issue, but if they hadn’t watched TV or read the paper at all in 2020 the only thing they would have noticed was a week or two with strange shortages of toilet paper and rice at the shops.

And I, for one, most definitely do say “global warming” is a hoax because the underlying hypothesis on which all this alarmism is based has been empirically and resoundingly falsified in several different ways.

The whole house of cards that the UN IPCC global-socialist green-left has built is based on man-made CO2 defying the laws of physics. It’s had a bit of a nudge from time-plus-reality, and it is beginning to collapse.

But, back to Phil’s op-ed,

Phil, there aren’t “hundreds of thousands” of scientists pushing the climate hoax, there were originally just 77, backed up by the global-socialist millionaires and billionaires who meet in plain sight with our elected UNiparty leaders in Davos, Switzerland each year.

There are, however, hundreds of thousands of scientists out there who know it’s more than their job is worth to openly speak out against the well-funded determination of the Davos global-socialists. Some of the better known scientists who do speak out are listed here.

Professor Peter Ridd spoke out, and was sacked by JCU for telling the truth about alarming-but-wrong Reef science.

Why would you study for years and then risk wasting all that effort by bucking a powerful political narrative that exists within your employer’s organisation? Most don’t take that risk – they stay silent to remain employed.

As well as being factually incorrect, Phil, you’ve used the ‘appeal to authority’ logical fallacy. Just because someone is a specialist or an expert does not make them infallible.

The data is not “mistaken”, Phil; it is fraudulent, and they know it. Dr Ed Berry writes on this in an easy to understand way, here – You are not causing global warming.

Science enthusiasts will enjoy Dr Berry’s latest paper, too; it shreds any residual claim to credibility the alarmists might have had.

The alarmist scientists are wrong, Phil. The worst that could happen is the UN-based global-socialists will win the ideological battle they’ve been waging against us since World War Two and we will have a totalitarian centralised world government.

That would be the end of private ownership of property and of those few freedoms we have remaining to us.

It is truly, deeply baffling that there are people amongst us who think burying rubbish in a hole is a problem. Have they never flown over this wide, brown land? We have no shortage of places to dig holes. Parts of the Cairns suburbs of Portsmith, Westcourt and Aeroglen are built on old rubbish tips. The DFO shopping centre sits on an old dump. Where’s the problem?

Much of the plastic waste from Cairns is buried at the Springmount landfill at the tip of the red arrow in the Google maps image above – and it inconveniences no one.

Of course, we could get better value from waste plastic by burning it for energy for electricity generation but the greenies would have conniption fits.

The first thing that would happen if we stopped digging up coal, Phil, is that the lights would go out and would not come back on until we started digging up coal again – because renewables cannot power the grid as I’ve explained here, as Rafe Champion has explained here, as Graham-the-Engineer has explained here, and as Ben Beatty has explained here.

That would pretty much end civilised life as we know it and to me that’s way worse than a poofteenth of a degree difference in temperature on a cold winter night in eighty year’s time.

The second thing that would happen is our export income would plummet and our economy would be destroyed, not that anyone other than farmers in remote areas would have jobs or income once the electricity grid shuts down.

Nothing would change, Phil; not in any measurable way. The solar-powered temperature of the oceans and Henry’s Law control the content of CO2 in the atmosphere. Mankind’s CO2 contribution is less than three percent of the total CO2 flux and Australia’s contribution is less than one percent of that. And anyway, CO2 has no effect on temperature – again temperature is the sun’s domain.

“We” aren’t polluting our rivers and oceans, Phil; prosperous Western nations don’t do that. Most of the rubbish in the ocean comes from just ten rivers in Asia and in Africa, with China’s Yangtze responsible for the lion’s share of it.

It’s unfair to blame Aussies for a problem we’re not causing, Phil. You seem to be trying to include us in your self-induced hypnotic collective-guilt frenzy.

It’s also unfair to say that all plastic waste in the ocean is pollution. The thin plastics break down into hydrocarbon molecules and become food for the bacteria at the bottom of the food chain. The larger items become useful habitats, such as this old ball.

But back to Phrightened Phil…

Since our rainforests are already under UNESCO’s lock and key and we aren’t even allowed to build storages for fresh drinking water for Cairns in them, I can only take it, Phil, that you want us to micro-manage the rainforests in other countries. No, Phil; stay out of other people’s business – it’s bad enough that the UN is meddling in ours.

Anyway, the countries that are tearing rainforests down to create oil palm plantations are responding to market forces driven by the insane greenie urge to burn food as fuel, which they call bio-fuels.

The most common and most active “greenhouse gas” is water vapour. We emit it every time we breathe out. See for yourself – exhale onto a mirror.

Here’s what the various so-called “greenhouse gases” do in terms of absorbing and scattering radiation in the atmosphere.

As you can see, water vapour accounts for nearly all of the so-called “greenhouse effect”.

CO2 (allegedly) does its dreadful thing inside the red shapes I have added to the chart.

The reason I put “greenhouse” in scare quotes is because in practice it is a much-exaggerated effect. Essentially that warm, muggy feeling on a humid night is the greenhouse effect and that freezing, dry feeling on a desert night is the absence of the greenhouse effect.

The baseline temperature of the Earth has nothing to do with the “greenhouse effect” and everything to do with the mass of the atmosphere, the pull of gravity, and the total radiation Earth receives from the sun and elsewhere in the universe.

As to “clean energy”, Phil; your much-loved windmills and solar panels are nothing of the sort.

Mark Mills of Prager U explains why in 5 minutes, 35 seconds here –

Michael Moore’s team explain it in longer form here (1 hour, 40 minutes) –

Wait, what? Where’s the dirty air, water and food and the sick children happening, Phil? Are you suggesting it’s here? If so, why in heck aren’t you out there reporting on it, man? We have armies of very well-paid and zealous bureaucrats employed to police these things to within an inch of everyone’s life. Expose their shortcomings, Phil!

(Phil, you’re not copying these talking points from some random lefty website are you?)

Yeah, nah. Phil, the climate change believers are the hard core left and their “useful idiots“. They’re not creating a better world, they’re attempting to destroy free-market democratic economies, which are the world’s best at caring for the environment. If the climate change believers were serious about their projected image of climate change they’d be tackling China – not nobbling us.

Here’s an image of China’s pre-covid carbon monoxide emissions compared to those from the peak of the Victorian bushfires in January. (CO is a useful satellite proxy for CO2 as both are produced during combustion processes.)

We’re not the problem, Phil; China is and the UN gave them a free pass!

Two things might help convince me that global warming alarmists genuinely believed what they claim to believe.

1. They would take the fight to China. Greenpeace would blockade its ports. The WWF would lead the fight against buying Chinese-made goods. The Greens would parachute in to chain themselves to Chinese coal port equipment. Things such as these , they never, ever do.

2. Their leaders wouldn’t buy seafront mansions, as Barry Obama and Kevvie Rudd have.

As discussed, if we suddenly stopped using coal we would also lose access to electricity from the grid and all access to goods and services – which all rely on either the grid or on fossil-fuelled transport. Total anarchy would ensue, complete with food riots, disease, injuries, and, eventually, mass starvation and death and a Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome society.

We’re not “transitioning to renewables” as I’ve explained here and here so forget about that happening.

We’re also not polluting our rivers, ocean or air, Phil – so what have you written about China?

We’re not chopping down forests, Phil; farmers aren’t even allowed to clear woody-weed re-growth. The green-left’s “every tree is sacred” agenda has reached the absurd absolute. We have so many out-of-control, unmanaged forests now that, if we suddenly started proper fuel reduction we’re looking at a decade of very hard work, and many more uncontainable fires, before we restore our former, successful, forest management practices.

Nor are we destroying habitats – in fact we’re creating them every time we add a reliable water supply to any place on the map.

We need to cut down a lot of trees – all the dead ones would be a good start. The worst that could happen is that would create a new space for a fresh, young tree.

Nothing bad will happen, Phil; plastics are not evil. If they were you wouldn’t handle them, right? And given your home and office and car are full of them, you don’t really believe they’re bad, do you? What alternative substances would you propose? Or do you just go without? Who else do you know willing to go more than five minutes without plastics? You do know that mineral oil saved the whales and plastics saved the trees, right?

We have enough coal and oil for thousands of years, thanks to developments in recovery technology. We have more oil under Coober Pedy than Saudi Arabia ever had.

If we were to run out of coal and oil in the deep, far future we would need to switch to nuclear energy, which is genuinely inexhaustible. The LNP wing of the UNiparty is just as wrong about nuclear energy as its extreme-left Labor and Greens wings are.

Um, Phil, you know “recycling” is another costly, pointless, left-wing brainfart, don’t you? And that without “single-use” plastics we couldn’t live in cities, or have hospitals, or survive a genuine pandemic? And that recycling relies entirely on petrol and diesel to move the “recyclables” around?

This B-double will use more fuel to get this load of cardboard to Brisbane than the value of any products that might be produced from it.

Page 13 –

Here’s part of The Express’ story that accompanied that truck photo.

That’s right, we have to pay to send this rubbish to Brisbane, either through Council or through state government, because leftie luvvies don’t like to burn it for energy or to simply bury it locally. Never mind the transport processes  *gasp* emissions!

It never occurs to them that if rubbish had value we wouldn’t throw it out – someone would be paying us for it.

Logic is never a left-wing strength. The ready-made groupthink is so much easier and more comfortable.

Did you know that some of the waste we sent to Asia was simply dumped into their rivers to flow out to sea? Unintended consequences plague all leftie do-good schemes. Unless, of course, they’re actually intended consequences.

Phil, bushfires aren’t a “weather event”. They’re a consequence of a source of ignition meeting a fuel supply under favourable moisture conditions. We can control and manage bushfires – the aboriginals did it without 4WDs, hoses, drip-torches, or radios.

Cyclones are weather events but they’re nothing to do with CO2. They’re a consequence of the temperature differential between the poles and the equator – which is lower during warmer times and higher during cooler times.

Here’s BoM’s latest ‘Cyclone trends’ chart.

Yasi was in 2011 and Winston was in 2016 – but we still haven’t hardened our cyclone-vulnerable infrastructure, such as powerlines, highways and railways.

The trend has been down as we’ve been enjoying the modern warm period but now the solar cycle is down and we’re likely to see more cyclones as the poles cool. The reality is usually precisely the opposite of what the alarmists say it is.

Phil, the driest continent is Antarctica because all the water there is usually frozen. But, Phil, if you mean Australia then our biggest problems with water stem not from “destroying our water systems”, which we aren’t*. Rather they stem from left-wing wrongology.

* There’s an exception to every rule – Queensland Labor wants to reduce the size of at least one potentially-faulty dam, instead of simply strengthening it.

Greenies block all new dams, thus limiting our water supply and dividing existing supplies amongst more people.

Worse, greenies insist on “environmental flows” which unnecessarily take water from storages and send it out to sea during seasons when there would have been no natural flow in those rivers.

What’s the worst that could happen? We and a great many native animals would die of thirst if we followed the greenleft dogma. No doubt, in their anti-humanist way, they plan for us all to drink expensive, filtered sewage one day.

Phil, everyone believes in climate change – change is all the climate does.

The IPCC correctly noted that the climate is a coupled, non-linear, chaotic system that is always changing and cannot be accurately predicted.

Phil, my guess is you mean, “If those that don’t believe in catastrophic man-made CO2-caused runaway global warming are wrong, what is the worst that could happen?”

Again, Phil, sceptics are not wrong and there will be no CO2-related disaster.

The laws of physics cannot be bent or changed by wishful thinking or by repeatedly chanting a mantra.

No climate-related, disaster-porn prediction has ever eventuated. Not one. If one had it would be on an endless loop on TV.

Again, the worst thing that could happen from the Cult of the Capitalist-Caucasian-Created Catastrophic Carbon-Caused Climate Calamity is that they will help the global-socialists usher in a truly disastrous global government.

Phil, I think you were trying to use the precautionary principle to prove your point, but it hasn’t worked.

If you follow the precautionary principle, Phil, you will never leave your home or have any fun in life at all. It is a vague, unscientific, anti-humanist approach to dealing with any problem and it is an obstacle to progress.

Take a chill pill, Phil, man-made CO2 is nothing to worry about.

The real risk to our way of life, as always, is the crime cartel that have swarmed all over the UN, killed it, and now wear its carcass as a skinsuit while demanding respect they haven’t earned and don’t deserve.

Media outlets are slowly strangling their own business models by repeatedly refusing to expose the climate hoax.

We no longer trust our legacy media, so we turn to the blogosphere and to the source data on the internet to get verifiable information.

And don’t get me started on our political parties who all subscribe to the climate wrongology to some extent.

Vote. Them. Out.

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